Are you worried about how your family will survive the financial pain if you are taken out of the picture?
Are you saving in a way that will protect you from future financial storms?
Are you headed towards a relaxing retirement or never-ending work?
Are you concerned that your lack of preparation might limit what they can become?
Are your lump sum investments performing like a precision timepiece or an unreliable imitation?

At SELECT ASSET MANAGEMENT we apply a simple, common sense approach: analyze the client’s needs and circumstances, then formulate an appropriate financial plan which is regularly reviewed to ensure continued suitability.

First and foremost, we see the world through our clients’ eyes – from their point of view. We are down to earth, smart, confident and experienced. We provide our clients with all the facts, good or bad. We recommend the right thing, not the next best thing. We collaborate. We bring together the right combination of expertise and technology from the best people and partners in our industry to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions. It is our independence that allows us to achieve this. This perspective generates a clear set of principles that align our character, philosophy and style with our clients’ needs.

We create exceptional value for our clients, employees, and business partners by delivering the highest level of advice, service, professionalism, technology, and support available.

Sound Advice. Steady Support. Shape your future.

Our Services

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Fully licensed by the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Finance, our certified advisors are prepared to give you sound advice to meet all your financial goals. Whether you are planning for retirement, planning for your children’s future, or doing business internationally, we provide our clients with the best solution to their planning needs.

Financial Calculators

Plan Ahead with the Best Tools

Understanding where your money goes and planning in advance is the key to success. Whether your goal is to educate your children, protect the family, retire or pay off the mortgage, Select offers a range of calculators as a good basis for discussion to begin planning for a sound financial future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sound Advice and Peace of Mind

Throughout our many years in business we have found that there are a number of questions that many people have before deciding to work with Select. Our FAQs page is designed to give you the peace of mind you need before meeting with one of our experienced advisors.