September 2015
From The Director


We hope you enjoyed your summer. While the drama regarding the 2020 Olympics planning has been dominating the news lately, there is one story that will not go away: Japan’s declining and aging population. While lifespans outpace the development senior facilities, caring for elderly parents has become the de facto responsibility of many mid-career Japanese. Some folks have to choose between helping out mom and dad and climbing the corporate ladder. This month we take a look at the numbers, issues and potential business opportunities associated with senior care.

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Caring for Japan’s Growing Elderly Population

You have probably read that Japan’s population of approximately 127 million is aging rapidly. You might even know that one out of four Japanese is already aged 65 or over, and that the postwar baby-boomers, known by marketers as the “dangai” generation, which formed the core of the country’s workforce over the last few decades, will be over 75 by 2025. Fortunately, long gone are the days when they would just take old people out to the woods to die. What’s more, if you live in Tokyo or one of the larger cities, and spend a lot of time in Shibuya, you might not notice the tidal wave of old people that is slowly but steadily approaching like the tortoise pursuing the hare..
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