August 2014
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You are not alone if the latest geopolitical developments have on you on edge these days. With wars breaking out all over the Middle East and the violent stand-off in Ukraine, watching the evening news can be unsettling, to say the least. This month we take a look at how the developments in Crimea might affect the supply of Russian gas to Western Europe and what that means to investors. At least for the short term, we think you’ll find the bark is a lot worse than the bite.

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Violence in Ukraine and Russian Gas: should investors be worried?

When Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in the Ukraine on July 17, most likely due to an errant rebel forces fighting in Ukraine, the situation on the ground suddenly took urgent on global impact. After all, 283 people died, and most of them were Dutch tourists while Australians, Britons, Indonesians and Malaysians, including children, were also among the dead.

This ugly turn of events, happened at time when internationals tensions had been easing regarding situation—the overthrow of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych and the Russian annexation of Crimea—with Russia and the United States both making moves to avoid fanning the flames of conflict. However, today, with Western economic sanctions (including Japan), in full force—the most extensive imposed on Russia since the fall on the Soviet Union—the questions is how will the conflict affect Russo-European gas politics...
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