September 2011
From The Director

This month's article highlights some ideas about investing in equities during a bear market, a topic that is of great interest to many of our clients these days.  We are often confronted by investors who fear the trend of declining returns characteristic of such a market.  Why not sell?  Hopefully, the following article will answer some of your questions.
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Imants Katlaps
Managing Director


"Fear is the greatest obstacle to success"


In economic times such as these, some investors may be tempted to take the money and run or to make drastic changes to their portfolios.  Since the year 2000, we've been experiencing a secular or long term, bear market, delivering low returns on investments.  With the stock market seemingly dropping almost every day, it's easy to allow fear to cloud the vision of our long term goals.  Add that to the challenges facing our global economy, and some have almost reached panic level.  So could there possibly be any reasons to stay in the market?  Well, yes, in fact there are.

  • Ebb and flow…

 The stock market is not static.  It does not continue on an eternal upswing and it will not plummet into oblivion.  It is cyclical, and has natural ebb and flow or in other words, constant fluctuations. The short term fluctuations within long term trends are called cyclical trends.  Panicking when the market is down...
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