October 2010 | www.selectasset.com
Select Asset Management's Website Launch

Welcome To The Leading Independent Financial Planning Website for Expats, Mobile Professionals and Foreign Residents of Japan

"I use not only the brains I have, but all I can borrow." - Woodrow Wilson

If there's one thing that Select believes sums up the value to clients of independent and experienced financial planning advice, it's those words from Woodrow Wilson. That's because we realized early on that financial planning is a very personal matter and a 'one size fits all' approach was not what our clients were looking for.

What they did want was sound advice from trusted professionals who first took the time to better understand their situation and only then make independent recommendations. We’re proud to tell you that his approach has guided Select Asset's behavior ever since its founding in 2001.

Of course the world's changed a lot since then - and not just in the geopolitical and economic spheres. Technology continues to make progress in leaps and bounds, and the opportunities to connect with each other and share information have never been greater. The Internet has been a 'game changer' for many businesses and we think that the financial planning sector is no exception.

Nowadays people are actively looking online for financial advice and resources before making contact with firms who might be able to help them. They expect timely and accurate answers in the complex world of personal financial planning. Select Asset Japan strongly supports this development and has spent many months completely redesigning our website so that clients and visitors can access helpful information at their convenience.

Here are five reasons to check out Select Asset Management's new site:

  1)  A unique set of free, online financial planning calculators that will help you balance current income against expenses, determine where your money is going, and how much you need to save to achieve your financial goals. There are also calculators for mortgage and investment decisions. The tools are available for use anytime - no registration is required. The option to contact Select for further analysis or assistance is totally up to you.

   2)  Easy to find information about retirement planning, education planning, family protection, international mortgages, estate planning and asset protection. These have been conveniently arranged as a set of financial services web pages.

   3)  A comments section, where you can anonymously ask questions and leave relevant feedback. We'll use your comments and suggestions to 'fine tune' the site and help meet specific financial needs and requirements.

   4)  An 'Appoint Select' page for people left holding a policy that was never completely explained to them, or who find themselves without adequate support from their original advisor, and would like Select to take over.  This is a frequent occurrence in our experience and we’d be pleased to advise you on how to go about this.

   5)  Regular articles that focus on the major financial issues facing foreign professionals living and working in Japan, as well as for those no longer based here. The first article deals with some 'dos-and-don'ts' regarding education fee planning. (These articles will be available on the new website but you may also find it convenient to subscribe to our free monthly e-zine, which includes market updates and financial planning news, as well as immediate access to the current month's article.)

In addition to the publically available website information, every Select client gets secure access to a web page relevant to his or her investment and financial planning goals. This is where they can track portfolio performance, make adjustments, and communicate with their personal financial advisor.

All of us at Select recognize that people can choose not only their independent financial advisors, but also how, and where, and when, they acquire specific financial planning information. By freely providing expats and foreign professionals in Japan with 24/7 online access to tools, resources and knowledge gained from our many years of experience, we are committed to making it easier and faster for people to plan their financial futures.

Like this article? Want to suggest a topic for a future article or provide some constructive feedback? We'd love to hear from you! Just use the feedback form on the website and let us know how we can serve you better. And if you've benefited from the information here, why not subscribe to Select's Newsletter and suggest that your friends do the same?

Select Asset Management KK is one of Japan’s leading independent financial advisory firms to expats and long term foreign residents of Japan. Established in 2001 and licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Finance, Select invites you to find out more by visiting www.selectasset.com, or by telephoning 81.(0)3.5545.1761